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We buy unwanted raw vacant land.
All cash upfront, no fees or commissions, fast closing.

About New Eden

New Eden Properties is a land acquisition company based in Austin, Texas specializing in the purchase of raw, vacant, undeveloped land throughout the continental United States.

Owned and operated by two private investors with over a decade of experience in real estate, New Eden Properties has developed a sophisticated system to help sellers who are looking to cash out.

Who We Help

If you are a land owner with any of these struggles or concerns:

  • Tired of paying property taxes?
  • Confused about the selling process and not sure where to start?
  • Trying to sell your land but not getting any interested buyers?
  • Live far away from your property and no longer able to enjoy it?
  • Inherited land but have no use for it?
  • Simply in need of some extra cash?

We’re here to help. We can purchase your land quickly and for cash, and we will handle all closing costs, including your existing back taxes. There are no commissions. no hassles, and no pressure - just a fast and fair cash offer.

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Interested in selling your property but have a few questions for us first?

Q: I’m ready to sell - how quickly can I receive the funds?
A: We can make arrangements based on your needs; we’ve closed deals in a single day before! Usually we make the payment on the same day that the deed is signed.

Q: How do you arrange for payment?
A: Payments are typically made via a bank-guaranteed cashier’s check, which a mobile notary will present to you at the time you sign the deed. Another way is to use the “Collect on Delivery” (COD) service provided by UPS or Fedex - in this method, you would mail us the signed deed via UPS or Fedex, and they would collect the money from us before they deliver the deed to us; they then pass the payment onto you.

Q: How does a mobile notary work?
A: A mobile notary is someone who is qualified to perform notary services and is willing to travel to meet you for the deed signing. If a mobile notary is used, we will arrange for them to meet you at the location of your choosing.

Q: What type of deed should I use to sell my property?
A: The deed type we recommend for you will vary depending on how you acquired the property, but in general, we typically use a General Warranty Deed or a Special Warranty Deed. We can discuss your unique situation further if you contact us.

Q: How is the new deed created?
A: We are happy to draft a new deed for you to aid you in the process. We will use the information from your previous deed to ensure the owner information and legal description match exactly.

Q: What’s the easiest way to get a deed notarized?
A: The easiest way to notarize a deed in many cases is to simply visit your local UPS store. These locations provided notary services, and if you are deeding your property to us, we will cover all of the notary costs.

Contact Us

Submitting the contact form is the best way to reach us, but if you have further questions, feel free to email or call us.

[email protected]

(512) 434-0096

Get Your Fast and Fair Cash Offer

Just click the button below and fill out the form to submit your land for sale.

Sell Your Unwanted Land