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How To Buy Land From Us

At New Eden Properties, we strive to ensure our transactions are both easy and efficient for our buyers. The majority of our customers are happily surprised with how smooth their transactions are compared to their previous real estate experiences.

The process truly is simple; we draft and record the deed for your property, and you choose between Notary Close or Title/Escrow.

Notary Close

If Notary Close is your preferred method of closing, you can simply use a credit card on our website. Once payment is complete, within 24 hours, we’ll email you just a few documents to finalize your transaction: the recorded deed showing New Eden Properties as the existing owner, a new deed showing you as the proud new owner, and any additional county documents required.

From there, simply sign, notarize, and forward the documents to the county clerk or recorder’s office, and the county will have the documents recorded and affix their official stamp and return it to you. This process with the county can sometimes take up to about three weeks.

Title / Escrow Close

The Title / Escrow process is only slightly different, but just as easy. We draft a Purchase Agreement, which is just a simple, single page agreement that outlines the particulars of the deal, such as the buyer, seller, purchase price, closing location and date, etc.

After you have reviewed, signed, and finalized the agreement, send it off to the title company, and they will proceed with the necessary paperwork to convey the property from us to you. This typically includes escrowing the funds from you and drafting a new deed to be signed by our company. This process with the title company usually takes about two weeks.

That's it - you’re now the proud new owner of the piece of land you’ve been dreaming of!