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Frequently Asked Questions

So how does this work?

Here at New Eden Properties, we believe in serving our clients in the best way that we can, so we specialize in matching the right piece of land with the right buyer to fill their needs. We purchase land in large volumes, often straight from the counties in which they're located, and are able to pass on that discount to you!

I found the property I want, how do I know if can I build my dream home on it?

Our research is typically limited to ensuring that the title can be conveyed correctly, and that there will be no issues in ownership transfer. Every county is different, so we always encourage our clients to check with the county's Planning & Zoning Office, or the Assessor's Office. This way, you'll always get the most up to date information, requirement, and forms.

What about my camper or RV?

The majority of counties we've worked in will allow you to park an RV or camper, but only if it is to be temporary living. As always, we encuourage you to contact the county directly regarding their laws.

I don't see an address, how do I ask questions about the property I want?

That's correct. Vacant land often is undeveloped and will not have been assigned an address, so each listing includes a unique APN number and Legal Description.

What about coordinates so I can tell exactly where it is?

Each of our listings will have multiple GPS coordinates indicating its precise location, so you can punch it into Google Maps.

You mentioned above to confirm with the county's Assessor's Office, and the ownership doesn't show up under New Eden Properties? What's the deal?

In every county, the local government office houses a clerk, assessor, and a treasurer; unfortunately, it can take some time the lines of communication between the three entities to complete. Many counties also only update their records when it's time to send out the tax bills, which, in many cases, only occur biannually. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any concerns over the ownership of a property you're interested in.

I tried to purchase a property online, but during checkout it just says I can only put down an “Earnest Money Deposit.” What do I do now?

While we do give our clients the choice between using a Title/Escrow company or self-paying, many of the properties we sell are over $10,000, and charging large amounts near or above that can result in issues with the credit card companies. We’ve found that our buyers like the option of using multiple sources of payment to complete the transaction.

I want to purchase a property, but I don’t want to use a credit card, what now?

Please contact us and we’d be more than happy to accomodate a purchasing method that best suits your needs. We accept many various forms of payment.

How do I know I can trust you?

For any skeptical buyers, we always encourage you to close through a Title/Escrow company. This allows a 3rd party to not only draw up and record the deed, but more importantly, hold your money until the transaction is finalized.

Let’s say I do want to use a Title/Escrow company, how long will that lengthen the process?

We typically recommend that you allot 3-4 weeks for the deal to finalize if you decide to go that route. For cash buyers self paying, we typically complete the process for you within two weeks.

I want to have the land surveyed before buying, will you pay for that?

At this time, no, we’re neither a developer nor a builder, and the properties are at such a discount that it allows for our buyer’s to have a survey done and still pay below market price.

Will my property have utilities?

This will depend on the property, but unless otherwise indicated, the majority of the vacant land we offer will not have utilities.

What about mineral rights?

The areas that we purchase land in have been geologically analyzed, and nothing of value was found. We're certainly not digging for oil out here, just trying to find you the cheapest piece of land for your needs!