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Our Guarantees

At New Eden Properties, we are confident in our land offerings and want to make sure you feel comfortable doing business with us. That's why we have our iron-clad guarantees - to provide peace of mind when you make your investment in our quality parcels.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you have purchased a parcel from us and are not happy with your new land for any reason, you can exchange your parcel for another one in our inventory within 30 days, no questions asked.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Seller Financing Forgiveness

If you wish to take advantage of seller financing and for some reason are unable to continue making payments, we allow you to cancel anytime without penalty - just let us know and nothing more will be owed in the future. There will be no debt collection, no credit score damage, no litigation; you can just walk away. We want to make sure you have a bright financial future.