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How To Sell Land To Us

When you’re ready to sell your land to us, there are four easy ways to begin the process. First, you can simply sign and return the Purchase Agreement (email, fax, and mail are all acceptable!) but if you have additional questions/concerns, you can submit your response via our online form. Alternatively, you can always email the team directly, or just give us a call! Please ensure that you have your Reference Number on hand.

Once we receive your intent to sell your land, the team then starts rigorous due diligence into your property. We double check things such as your property’s exact coordinates, pulling the deed via the county recorder’s office, and confirming with the county treasurer’s office if there are back taxes due. These checks are performed to ensure that there will be no complications with the title so that your property can be conveyed (and you can get paid quickly)! Once we’re through with our research, we’ll reach back out to you with a final decision.

Next, we’ll begin by drafting a new deed along with any additional county specific documents required to convey the title from you, to us. Once finished, we will arrange for a mobile notary in your area to meet with you to execute the documentation.

We then mail the documents to the mobile notary, along with your cashier’s check. Upon receipt, the notary will coordinate with you to set up a time and place that fits your busy schedule. At the meeting, the notary will present the new deed for you to sign, deliver your payment, and provide copies of all executed documents since the originals have to be returned to us. Once we receive them, we send them to the county’s recording office for processing. You have now successfully sold your land, congratulations and enjoy your new windfall!